Projects for Better Research

Here are a few stats and coding projects I have worked on to improve the efficiency and quality of the research process for myself and students with whom I have worked. Feel free to reach out to me (cbwin [at] if you have any questions about these resources! 

clnR2 R package: Clean and report psychological data

clnR stands for (more or less) "clean and report" and includes all the custom functions you need to do simple data cleaning and report pretty, formatted descriptives and correlations. I use it regularly and it has worked well for me as a way of making survey data quick and easy to handle and report (aesthetically). If that sounds like it would be helpful for you, give it a try! You can download it using this code in R:


R for Psychological Science: A 10-week workshop introduction to R and statistics in R

This is a series of workshops Benjamin Lira and I created to help students and researchers learn how to quickly and pragmatically learn R for psychological science. While there are many (many) resources for learning R out in the world, I was surprised to find no comprehensive basic tutorial that equips learners in psychology with the specific tools they need to go through each step of the data analysis process. That's what we tried to do here. And, hopefully, it can help new R users learn what they need and apply it to their data quicker and with fewer headaches. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

A Qualtrics cheatsheet for advanced formatting and programming

Over time, I find myself needing the same custom code or little tricks for Qualtrics over and over again. So, a little while ago, I started documenting my issues and the solutions I found for them here.